Music for Film, TV and Video Games


Experimentation tracks

The following tracks were created for the sole purpose of exploring new sound sources or traditional ones, but employed in new ways while still living in the film, TV and video game music world.


Ukulele, strings and a metal stool:


Metal water bottle and strings:


What happens when you go and record a bunch of weights in a gym:


Selection of tracks from film, TV and video game soundtracks


Yo Nunca

by Kevin Smithers

Music from the film "Yo Nunca"

Score written with sampled water cups


Monster Island

by Kevin Smithers

Music from the animated movie "Monster Island"

Thematic score written for orchestra and choir


En La Azotea

by Kevin Smithers

Music from the film "En La Azotea" (aka "On The Roof")

All sounds in the score were created with a sampled classical acoustic guitar


World War Toons

by Kevin Smithers

Music from the video game "World War Toons"

RPM057 - Tempur Temporis HD.jpg

Tempus Temporis

by Kevin Smithers

Cinematic drama trailer music album

Written for orchestra and choir

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