Demo - Maya and the three

Jorge Gutiérrez - Netflix



Maya and the Three opens the door to an interesting musical language. My idea with this score is to take elements from pre-hispanic Mexico, but always utilizing a contemporary sound. I believe that the blend of Aztec/Mayan wind and percussive instruments mixed in with the orchestra can give us a sound palette that is authentic, but still within our genre.

In this demo I use percussion instruments like the Huehuetl, Tamborin, Cascabeles, Ayacaxtle and Pandero, alongside some Mexican flutes like the death whistle to give this authentic touch. I also incorporate guitars, which are a big part of Mexico’s musical history and flavor. These might be anachronistic, but we could employ them as a dramatic window to showcase what is to come in regard to the colonization of this land.

As far as I know, the story will be centered around Maya, a mesoamerican warrior. I represent this strong female character with a female choir (sopranos & altos) that show our protagonist’s strength.

Music by Kevin Smithers